Live / Work Office Design
This was half of a 2 part project. With my career as a busy Interior Designer, I was in much need of storage space. And being a Mother of 2 tween girls, I was also in need of a larger open kitchen (see Loft Kitchen Remodel). I custom designed day beds in walnut wood along the three front windows of the home office space. Each cabinet houses 3 file drawers, making it a total of 9 drawers for storage. The cushions are fabricated from the existing curtains and turkish kilim rugs, since it was important for me to repurpose using these materials. And also because the colors and textiles from the rugs tie in well with the red framed french door windows. The file drawers underneath provide enough file space for all of my work and personal files plus all of our art supplies: paints, brushes, markers, pencils, drafting rulers, tapes, glues, etc... since this household consists of artists who love to create! This project transforms the front of my loft space and provides tons of seating and storage all in one! Project: 5 1/2 months Start Date: June 1, 2017 End Date: November 15, 2017 Custom Designs: Custom Built in Day Beds, Custom File Drawer Storage, Custom Daybed Cushions