Warren Street Deck in Tribeca
Designed for a Real Estate Broker who has created a deck built onto her private breezeway adjoining to her bedroom windows. Because she owns the roof rights to this area, she decided to create a private enclosed deck: a backyard space for her family to use during the warm months of the year as well as something "green" to look out onto from her back loft windows. Simply a super smart design move which gives her 160 extra square feet of outdoor living space in Tribeca! The deck is made of composite decking board and has 8' side walls for privacy that she will cover with boxwood greenery and decorate with vintage string lights above. The space has 3 zones: Cooking, Seating, Dining and so the plan drawing was critical for the correct furniture purchases and placement. This project is all about making sure her items fit properly to maximize the use of the space but still have the right amount of traffic area to walk comfortably from zone to zone. Project: 1 1/2 months Start Date: June 5, 2017 End Date: mid-July, 2017 Custom Designs: Custom Built in Seating Purchases: Dining Table, Custom Seating Cushions, Sectional, Coffee Table, Side Tables, Area Rug, Green Cover, Wall Mounted Lighting, Drinks Caddy, Hanging String Lights