Live / Work Chelsea Loft Space
Designed for a Bachelor who loves to entertain and spin music for his friends. This is his live/work space for part of the year. He wanted a space that is fun and comfortable with lots of color, prints and textures. When more people are using their living spaces for work, I feel it is important to select pieces that will inspire my clients. I love my job! This unique space continues to evolve as he is beginning to install his art collection. Other design goals include maximizing space that not only eclectic but functional. Check out the well-stocked bar in the kitchen which enables him to host a gathering at a moment’s notice! Project: 3 months Start Date: Oct 27, 2016 End Date: Jan 30, 2017 Custom Designs: Custom Floor Cushions, Custom Walnut desk, Custom Dining Chairs, Custom Bar Shelves Purchases: Bubble Chair & ottoman, Armchair & Side Table, Coffee Table, Floor Lamp, Area Rug, DJ Table