Tween's Sewing Nook
Designed for a very talented tween Fashion Designer who wanted a special space in her bedroom to create her designs. A sewing nook was recreated in an existing closet space that was removed to make room for a custom floating desk, peg boards, and shelves above. The end result is every tween girls' dream sewing & craft space. For more details on the space, check out the article written about it: Project: 2 months Start Date: December 15, 2016 End Date: February, 15, 2017 Custom Designs: Custom Peg Boards, Custom Floating Desk, Custom Storage Shelves, Custom Wall Paper Purchases: Sewing Machine, Desk Chair, Pegs for Peg Board, Mini Shelves for Peg Board, Hooks for Peg Board, Wall Clock, Wall Mounted Task Lamp, Wall Mounted Storage, Clear Containers, Elfa Closet Organization