Indoor Playground
Designed for two young girls living in Tribeca. As they outgrew their shared room, there was a goal to maximize space making it playful and functional all within 200 sf. They wanted a room where they can swing and climb safely. The collaborative design is a magical space unlike no other: a playful world for them to monkey around with disc swings and climbing walls. The built in beds are extra long twin beds outfitted with a trundle bed/crawl space for overnight guests. Project: 3 months Start Date: June 1, 2014 End Date: August, 31, 2014 Custom Designs: Custom Built-in Twin Extra Long Beds, Custom Rock Climbing Walls, Custom Monkey Bars, Custom Shelves/Hooks, Custom Cork Strips for Artwork, Custom Dry Erase Sliding Closet Doors, Specialty Paintwork for Rock Walls Purchases: Extra Long Twin Mattresses, Climbing Rocks, Monkey Bars, Disc Swings, Area Rug, Bedding